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Trophy Legends is based in Namibia, Southern Africa but also has an approved taxidermist studio in South Africa. This enables us to provide you with a turnkey operation for your trophies in Southern Africa, giving you absolute peace of mind that your trophies are in the best hands and will be taken good care of. We pride ourselves on being old school, craftsmen by trade, true wildlife artists and honest to our core!

We look forward to doing business with you and assure you of quality craftsmanship, ethical business practices and fast and efficient service!

We understand how important our services are and also how important your trophies are to you. After all, the show isn’t over until your trophies are safely stacked on your trophy room’s wall. Hence it is our mission to provide our clients with the best-quality work at affordable rates, and, most important, fast and efficient service.

Trophy Legends was born out of necessity, as we also had bad experiences in the past. As the owners of Trophy Legends are big-game hunters and ranch owners, they know exactly how important taxidermy work is to a client. We thus embarked on opening our own taxidermy business that WILL and CAN deliver!

It’s not just about money, it is about passion and building long-term relationships with people that mean a lot to us – trophy hunters!

Our own hunting businesses within the Trophy Legends Group depend entirely on the international and local trophy hunters – people such as you! For this reason we have ventured into creating a business that will fill the huge niche in the market for professional (fast and reliable) taxidermy work. Unfortunately, this is something very few other companies seem to honour!



Collect trophies locally – Namibia or South Africa (depending which of our studios does your work).

Import trophies from other African countries.

Export trophies globally.

We custom-make mounts for your trophies:

- Life size (full) mounts
- Wall-pedestal mounts
- Shoulder mounts
- Pedestal mounts

Custom-made artefacts

- Lamps
- Cushions with back skins
– Ottomans
- Book ends
- Back-skin mats
- Any article from hooves or skins

Copper- and silver-smithing

- Capping on elephant tusks, rhino horn & hippo tusks
- The bases are covered with antique copper, brass or silver

It’s more than just a business, it’s art …

Trophy Legends and its associates offer a comprehensive taxidermy service, including museum-quality mounting of all mammals and reptiles. Trophies are mounted according to our clients’ specifications. Every work phase is an in-house operation carried out in one of our studios, based in Mariental (Namibia) and Lephalale (previously called Ellisras) in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

We offer forms in polyurethane foam, designed and sculpted in our studios, and are constantly adding to our large range of manikins. We also specialise in custom mounts of museum quality, which certainly will impress even the most discerning eye.

We also offer a comprehensive collection service throughout Southern Africa. All you need to do is contact us with the details of your outfitter or PH and we will ensure that the trophies are safely received on our premises. We can also organise imports from anywhere in Africa, as we often deal with countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe.


“We pride ourselves on our heritage as pioneers and hunters, and just as much on our work!”

Procedures and services:

When a client’s trophies are received or collected, they are listed on an acquisition form. This listing includes all the parts of the trophy collected. We also make sure to take a set of pictures of each and every trophy collected as to ensure good records and governance of our services. (Example: BUSHBUCK: skull/horns, cape, back skin, 2 feet)
When the trophies enter our factories they are assigned a chronological number per trophy. All the parts of that trophy are then labelled with the same number. The label is stamped and engraved with the client’s name as well as the allocated factory number.
Trophies are checked for any damage and clients are informed of any field damage. All trophies are recorded on our computerised database. The client is sent a quotation as well as a covering letter advising him/her of the details pertaining to his/her trophies. The client will now be required to confirm that his quotation is correct.
All parts of the trophy are handled in the manner required by our stringent South African veterinary regulations. The skull and horns are boiled, skins are treated and then packed away in classified shelves in a container where they are fumigated on a regular basis.

We love our country, our industry and our work, and we cherish our history!

We are recognised veterinary-approved taxidermy studios!

All trophies have to be treated upon receipt at our facility. The deposit guarantees you a position in the chronological work plan. We have a 4-8 month delivery period from receipt of our client’s deposit. When a client is asked for his deposit, we also require specific mounting instructions for each trophy. Freight estimates can be supplied with the client approved-quotation.
Trophies are tanned in-house, using modern tanning techniques. We also manufacture our own polyurethane forms for the client’s specific mounting directions. We vacuum-form our own ear liners and the artificial eyes are purchased from Germany.
While the trophies are being mounted, we apply for all the necessary export permits from the relevant nature conservation departments. Please note that most South African provincial nature conservation departments charge for permits. This charge is for our client’s account.
Four weeks before the completion of the trophies, the client is advised and final payment is requested. A freight estimate is then presented to the client. This is a client choice. We can recommend a reputable freight company and clearing agent at the port of entry. Shipping details as well as the final destination address are then finalised with the client. All the trophies are crated and collected by whichever shipping company has been selected by the client.