Trophy Hunting Namibia

Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement

Please take a moment to read through our service agreement


1. In order to provide you with best-quality taxidermy work, we have to begin processing your hunting trophies as soon as possible and will begin tanning the hides and cleaning the skulls upon receipt of the raw material. To avoid being charged for this necessary treatment, please notify us prior to us receiving your trophies, should you not wish us to go ahead with the work.

2. We require a non-refundable deposit on all orders. Payment of the deposit will serve as confirmation of your instructions to us and that you have accepted this service agreement. All taxidermy instructions must be issued in writing.

3. Please note that all goods remain the property of Trophy Legends until full payment is received. The client accepts liability for all costs and collecting charges on an attorney and own client basis in the event of the account being handed over to an attorney firm for collection.

4. Trophy Legends reserves the right to sell any unclaimed mounts 3 months after the final invoice date or 3 months after receipt of the trophies if no deposit has been paid, after written notification has been sent to the address provided on the order. The posting of a registered letter to the said address shall constitute sufficient notice and no actual receipt of such notice shall be necessary to enable Highveld Taxidermists to sell the trophies to defray expenses.

5. Trophy Legends accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, actual or consequential, due to fire, theft, forced entry or negligence by our staff or third parties or for any damage due to bacterial contamination or any other causes.

6. The law governing this service agreement shall be that of the Republic of Namibia or South Africa, depending on which one of our accredited studios receives your work

7. By delivering trophies to Trophy Legends, the client warrants that the animals on his order have been legally hunted.

8. Trophy Legends takes great care to ensure that goods leaving its premises are of proper standard and should any material defect be found in a product (not caused by any act or omission on the part of the customer, or agent) the affected product will be replaced or repaired free of charge at the company’s discretion.

Exporting Trophies:

1. Trophies will only be exported once full payment is received.

2. Packaging and crating fees are levied as a small percentage on the total order and are not included on our price list of taxidermy fees.

3. There will be an additional charge levied to pack curios and items not originating from Trophy Legends. Please note that we take no responsibility whatsoever for damage to curios due to their fragile nature and that there might be a fumigation charge levied if the curios are infested by termites.

4. The Namibian and South African governments now charge to issue export permits.

This fee will be levied over and above the packaging and documentation fees at the following rates:

$71 per CITES permit (only applicable to CITES-registered species).
$57 for a veterinary permit (this is applicable to every single consignment that leaves the borders of Namibia or South Africa, including import shipments into South Africa or Namibia).
$57 per general permit applicable to all plains game. This is per shipment and not per animal.

5. All of our quoted fees do not include freight costs. These charges will be levied by our shipping agent but we can provide you with a quote beforehand.

Importing Trophies:

1. Trophy Legends will pay for the importation of the client’s trophies up front to prevent any delay in the process and this cost will be added to the total invoice to be settled with the deposit.

Dipping and Disinfection:

1. Trophy Legends follows the government regulations with regard to the process used to properly disinfect raw trophies for shipment.

2. Due to the fact that the trophies are still considered “raw” after this process has been completed, Trophy Legends does not accept any liability for their condition once they arrive at their destination.