Trophy Hunting Namibia


Q: What riffle do I need for planes games to hunt in Africa?

A: 7mm – 300 will be fine.

Q: What riffle do I need to hunt big cats?

A: 375 and bigger

Q: What riffle do I need to hunt the big five?

A: Any riffle bigger than 375 calibre

Q: Do I need hiking boots for walk and stalk?

A: Yes the best you can afford

Q: What does the sun and UV looks like in Africa, do I need sun screen?

A: Definitely the highest factor you can get.

Q: Do I need sun protection cloths?

A: Yes in summer time.

Q What is the best time for hunt in Africa?

A: It’s a personal choice depend on if you like winter or summer

Q: What does summer and winter look like in Southern Africa?

A: Summer from October to March between 64 F – 95 F (18C – 35C)
Winter from June to August between 37 F – 73F (3C – 23C)

Q: What does the bushveld look like in Southern Africa?

A: Rocky, mountain, bushy, savannah plane and the oldest dessert in the world

Q: If medical care needed what are the possibilities?

A: Under normal circumstances the best treatment can be done and if needed transport to the original country will be in 48 hours.

Q: Is it necessary to have a wish list?

A: Yes it always helps with the preparation in advance.

Q: Am I allowed to hunt animals except these on my wish list?

A: Yes of course.

Q: If the hunt is finished what is going to happen with my trophies?

A: Quatro Hunting Safaris owns its own fully qualified taxidermy company; they will take 100% care of your trophies.

Q: What method of payment do you require?

A: Cash or credit card or traveller’s cheque

Q: When must I settle my bill?

A: After the last day of hunting.

Q: Which days will be charged as hunting days?

A: Arrival and departure days are not charged as hunting days.

Q: What is the internet situation in Namibia like?

A: The same as world wide – by using blackberry u can connect whenever you like.

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